155 – Stephen King & Writing From the Nerve Endings

Stephen King: the architect of modern horror. The creative North Star of my life, and probably yours. He’s on the show, talking about why Holly Gibney just won’t let him go, plus a whole lotta stuff about his life in horror.

We cover his attitude to academia, horror and hope, how his worldview sits with a fractured reality, and we even hear some exciting, exclusive details about some upcoming books.

I lack the words to convey my delight.

Books mentioned

The Boy on the Bridge (2017), by M.R. Carey

DMV (2023), by Bentley Little

Mary: An Awakening of Terror (2022), by Nat Cassidy

The Clackity (2022), by Lora Senf

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926), by Agatha Christie

“Beyond the Wall of Sleep,” (1919), by H.P. Lovecraft

The Passenger (2023), by Cormac McCarthy

Light Perpetual (2021), by Francis Spufford

The Deluge (2023), by Stephen Markley 

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