Off Book #2 – National Park After Dark

In the second Off Book episode we get out of our armchairs and go on a real adventure. Well, not really – but we talk to two people who do.

Danielle and Cassie are the hosts of National Park After Dark – a podcast catering to the “morbid outdoor enthusiast.” They have skyrocketed to success, with well-researches stories of murder, maulings and mad incidents out in the world’s national parks. 

I’ve listened for years now and I’m delighted to finally get the chance to ask them all the questions… what is their favourite flavour of outdoor macabre? Is there a particular unsolved mystery that burns a hole in their brain? What’s the scariest thing they’ve encountered out there… and should we reintroduce wolves to the UK? (Yes!)

You don’t need to like the outdoors to enjoy this episode. Danielle and Cassie do the hard work for us. 

Just enjoy!

Books mentioned:

  • Wolfish: Wolf, Self and the Stories we Tell About Fear, Ferocity and Freedom (2023), by Erica Berry
  • A Bolt From the Blue: The Epic True Story of Danger, Daring ad Heroism at 15,000 Feet (2012), by Jennifer Woodlief
  • The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (1999), by Stephen King
  • Where the Dead Wait (2023), by Ally Wilkes
  • Fire in the Sky: The Walton Experience (1997), by Travis Walton

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