150 Daniella Trussoni

150 – Danielle Trussoni & Puzzling All Over the World

This week Danielle Trussoni arrives at Talking Scared in a rush. She has a meeting to get to, and we have LOTS of things to talk about in less than an hour. Her new novel, The Puzzle Master crams in enough for a whole Discovery Channel series on conspiracy, mysticism and esoteric history, plus dolls, Golems, quantum computing and a cute little Dachshund named Conundrum.

How is a host supposed to cover all that at a rush. The answer, drink more coffee and don’t pause to breathe!

We manage it. We talk about all of the above, plus depictions of altered mental states, the curse of a Dan Brown comparison, and Danielle’s search for the perfect haunted house.


The Puzzle Master was published by Penguin Random House on June 13th.

Other books mentioned in this episode include:

Angelology (2010) by Danielle TrussoniNestlings (2023), by Nat CassidyThe Long Shalom (2023), by Zach RosenbergSupport Talking Scared on Patreon

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