152 – Andrew Michael Hurley & Our Green, Unpleasant Land

This week I’m recording very close to home with Andrew Michael Hurley.

Andrew burst onto the folk-horror scene with subtle aplomb (can one burst subtly?) back in 2014, with The Loney. That slice of weirdness was set in the very town in which I spent my wet, dismal childhood holidays. It conjured shivers in more ways than one.

Now he is here to talk about the reissue of his 2019 novel, Starve Acre. It’s a bleak, bitter, wintery tale of isolation, grief and ritual, set in the Yorkshire Dales. Where I also spent some holidays – does Andrew know something I don’t? Hmmmm?

We talk about his relationship with folk horror, and how it helps us express our communal British angst. We make comparisons to some unexpected movies, discuss authorial freedom, and talk about deep knowledge, invented lore and horror as replacement for spirituality.

It’s all a good excuse to yell about the government.

Starve Acre was re-issued by Penguin on July 4th.

Books mentioned

The Loney (2014), by Andrew Michael Hurley

Elmet (2017), by Fiona Mozley

The Gallows Pole (2017), by Benjamin Myers

Waterland (1983), by Graham Swift

Cold Hand in Mine (1975), by Robert Aickman

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