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196 – Todd Keisling & The Eras Tour: Horror Version

Todd Keisling can write the hell out of a short story. So well, in fact, that they may convince you to resist a bully, stop going to church, or tell your boss to f**k off! 

Cold, Black and Infinite is full of liminal tales of the between-places. Cosmic “Otherness” that defies religion or belief. Corporate soul-hells that take everything you have…and more.

Weird then, that they are so fun.

Todd and I talk about all of that connective tissue between his stories. Plus, we map The Southland, this “pocket cosmos” of weird Appalachia that is destined to be the stage for the next era in his career.

It’s a blast. And this conversation is the anti-corporate, anti-fundamentalism, anti-bully screed you’ve been waiting for.


Other books mentioned:

  • Ugly Little Things: Collected Horrors (2017), by Todd Keisling
  • The Final Reconciliation (2018), by Todd Keisling
  • Devil’s Creek (20200, by Todd Keisling
  • In the Lake of the Woods (1994), by Tim O’Brien
  • The Raw Shark Texts (2007), by Steven Hall
  • ‘Salem’s Lot (1975), by Stephen King
  • The Bad Book (2021), ed. by John D. Taff (contains “Gethsemane”)
  • The Cheese Monkeys: A Novel in Two Semesters (2002), by Chip Kidd
  • The Ceremonies (1984), by T. E. D. Klein

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