Emil Ferris

195 – Emil Ferris & The Patron Saints of our Imperfection

Something new for me this week. A bold venture into uncharted territory. 

The graphic novel!!

As is proper, I’ve started with one of the best. Emil Ferris joins me to talk through the creation of her landmark epic, My Favourite Thing is Monsters. Volume 1 came out in 2017 to rapturous acclaim, and now, Volume 2 picks up exactly where that story of cute werewolves and cherished monsters let off. This is an EVENT!!

Emil talks me through this alternative form of storytelling. She tells me about the laborious process behind the books, and how it saved her life (literally). Most of all though, we talk creativity, and how art and monsters are the things that will preserve humanity.


Other books mentioned:

  • Maus (1986), by Art Spiegelman
  • The Talisman (1984), by Stephen King and Peter Straub
  • The Shape of Water (2018), by Guillermo del Toro and Daniel Kraus
  • Whalefall (2023), by Daniel Kraus

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