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193 – L.P. Hernandez & Kudos On the Cruelty

A charming man approaches. With dark secrets to tell you.

Yeah, that’s L.P. Hernandez. Author of the novella In the Valley of the Headless Men and the forthcoming collection, No Gods, Only Chaos. Both are great; both are entirely different. One of them will expand your horizons. One of them will shrink you in horror. 

I’ll let you find out which. 

We talk about both books in this episode, digging into the real historical mystery behind the novella (it’s fascinating) and the craft and commitment that went into the collection. How to write emotion and character concisely, using action within metaphor, the presence (or lack of) military vets in horror, and when, exactly, LP knew he was becoming a better writer.

If you are starting out as a storyteller, I think you’ll find this episode enlightening and inspirational. I did. Kudos to L.P. for that!


In the Valley of the Headless Men  was published on January 29th by Cemetery Games

No Gods, Only Chaos is published on June 4th, by DarkLit Press

Other books mentioned:

Stargazers (2022), by L.P. Hernandez

The Militia House (2023), by John Milas

Mr Shivers (2010), by Robert Jackson Bennett

Bound Feet (2022), by Kelsea Yu

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