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191 – Chris Panatier & The Goo of Human Nature

Ah the madhouse. The loony bin. The ASYLUM!!

A classic horror location. One of my favourites, but problematic as hell in the wrong hands.

Thankfully, I have the right author for the topic. Christ Panatier has the talent and the sensitivity to ensure that his novel, The Redemption of Morgan Bright can engage with the tropes without perpetuating them. He brings something as old-as-time but very new to asylum horror, and the results are dizzying, terrifying, awful.

We talk about the perils of research for an empathetic horror writer, we discuss some hideous medical practices from the past, and we look hard at the desecration of rights that we all grew up assuming were here to stay. 

Plus, the way to make friends in the horror community…


The Redemption of Morgan Bright was published on April 23rd by Angry Robot Books

Other books mentioned:

  • The Phlebotomist (2020), by Chris Panatier
  • Stringer (2022), by Chris Panatier
  • Annihilation (2014), by Jeff VanderMeer
  • The Haunting of Hill House (1959), by Shirley Jackson
  • Never Let Me Go (2005), by Kazuo Ishiguro
  • Mad Wives: Schizophrenic Women in the 1950s (1988), by Carol A. B. Warren
  • Full Immersion (2022), by Gemma Amor
  • The Grip of It (2017), by Jac Jemc
  • The House at the End of Lacelean Street (2024), by Catherine McCarthy
  • The Spite House (2023), by Johnny Compton
  • The Day of the Door (2024), by Laurel Hightower

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