Kaaron Warren

190 – Kaaron Warren & The Un-Cosy House

We all love a good spooky house. And most of us enjoy a terrifying home-invasion ordeal (or at least, I know I do).

What happens when you put them together? Kaaron Warren’s The Underhistory is the answer, but it’s nothing at all like what you’d expect.

This new novel by the award-winning Australian writer is a story of memory, of rooms and architecture, of violence and misogyny, and of a very unusual old lady. We talk about all of that and more. It’s a great conversation, one in which we go hunting for the secrets of her book together.


The Underhistory was published on April 11th by Viper

Other books mentioned:

  • Slights (2009), by Kaaron Warren
  • The Grief Hole (2016), by Kaaron Warren
  • Any Human Heart (2002), by William Boyd
  • The Measure of Sorrow (2023), by J. Ashley-Smith

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