Cina Pelayo

185 – Cynthia Pelayo & A Mermaid in the Windy City


We’re heading to the midwestern metropolis this week, for a conversation with Cina Pelayo – all about murder, mystery, history and strange things in the water.

Her new novel, Forgotten Sisters is a heady, dreamlike concoction of Chicago lore and much older horrors. It features a pair of very wyrd sisters and a house by a river that holds nothing good. 

As well as all of that, we talk about Cina’s personal journey with the paranormal, mermaid sightings, writing law enforcement, and wrestling with weird voices in fiction. 

Oh, and the abject horror of social media!!


Forgotten Sisters was published on March 19th by Thomas & Mercer

Other books mentioned:

  • Children of Chicago (2021), by Cynthia Pelayo
  • The Shoemaker’s Magician (2023), by Cynthia Pelayo
  • Loteria (2023), by Cynthia Pelayo
  • Into the Forest and All the Way Through (2020), by Cynthia Pelayo
  • The Reformatory (2023), by Tananarive Due

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