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183 – Gwendolyn Kiste & Working Through Your Ghosts

Time to get liminal and haunted. 

Gwendolyn Kiste comes back to Talking Scared for another high-concept twist on the Gothic. In The Haunting of Velkwood, and entire street turns ghostly overnight. Yeah, I can’t explain that any more clearly, we’ll leave it to Gwendolyn.

Despite this being a book centered on trauma and angst, we do a whole lot of laughing. Amongst the chuckles we also sneak in conversation about the many meanings of the word haunted, child-free horror fiction televisual references, and just what makes the American suburbs so damn creepy!


The Haunting of Velkwood was published on March 5th by Saga Press

Other books mentioned:

  • Reluctant Immortals (2022), by Gwendolyn Kiste
  • Suburbia (1973), by Bill Owens
  • Twilight: Photographs (2002), by Gregory Crewdson
  • The Daughters of Block Island (2023), by Christa Carmen

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