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182 – Tim Lebbon & Running Towards What Scares You

Tim Lebbon writes riotously good adventure-horror novels. He also likes running outrageous distances up big hills. What a pleasure it was to speak to him.

The main topic of conversation is his new novel eco-horror novel, Among the Living. A story of ancient buried history and ‘intelligent’ infection, it blends the paranoia of The Thing with the ragtag group heroism and intensity of Aliens. In short, it’s good!

Tim and I talk about eco-horror, about the biological menaces facing mankind in the future, we discuss how writing action helps with writing character, and I tell him why this book freaked me out so much.

Oh, and we do spend some time talking about running up big hills. But we try and keep it relevant to the horror and the writing… Give me a break, how often do I meet a soul-brother like this?


Among the Living was published on February 6th by Titan Books

Other books mentioned:

  • Eden (2020), by Tim Lebbon
  • The Last Storm (2022), by Tim Lebbon
  • The Hunt (2015), by Tim Lebbon
  • Come Closer (2003), by Sara Gran
  • The Bang Bang Sisters (2024), by Rio Yoeurs 

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