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179 – Ally Wilkes & The Ethics of Eating Your Friends

Are you hungry? 

If so we have a chewy, salty, deeply flavoured feast for you this week. Ally Wilkes returns to Talking Scared to discuss the icebound horrors of her new novel, Where the Dead Wait. It’s a tale of Arctic exploration gone very wrong, complete with haunting, human suffering and the morbid fascination of cannibalism!

Don’t pretend that hasn’t whet your appetite.

Ally and I get into the raw details of consuming human meat, we talk about queerness in historical horror fiction, we discuss the nature of haunting and how a historical horror novel can have links to a sci-fi horror classic, and we talk reminisce about the time Ally nearly died on a Himalaya in an appalling coat.

Jolly good fun wot wot!


Other books mentioned:

  • All the White Spaces (2022), by Ally Wilke 
  • The Shining (1977), by Stephen King
  • What Cares the Sea (1960), by Kenneth Cooke
  • The Secret Sharer (1910), by Joseph Conrad
  • Frankenstein (1818), by Mary Shelley
  • Ice Blink: The Tragic Fate of Sir John Franklin’s Lost Polar Expedition (2000), by Scott Cookman
  • Sundial (2022), by Catriona Ward
  • Dead Silence (2022), by S.A. Barnes
  • Ghost Station (2024), by S.A. Barnes
  • Indianapolis: The True Story of the Greatest Naval Disaster in US History (2018), by Lynn Vincent and Sarah Vladic

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