Ghost Story Deep Dive

175 – The Ghost Story Deep Dive, with Alan Baxter, Lauren Bolger & John Langan

Dickens said that Christmas Eve was a time for ghost stories, and who am I to argue? It is my show though, so I get to pick the ghost story – and I picked Peter Straub’s classic novel of the name. A tale of old men with horror in their youths, seductive evil and a town besieged by winter and… worse things. It’s a slippery beast, this novel. So to really help pin it down, I needed help. I called and help came, in the form of Alan Baxter (author of Sallow BendThe Gulp and many more), Lauren Bolger (Kill Radio) and John Langan, whose novel, The Fisherman, continues what I think is Straub’s American gothic legacy.  We talk about the book in granular detail – its monsters, its politics, its storytelling and, of course, its ghosts. It’s about as jolly a time as you can have talking about ancient evil visiting small towns. But enough about Santa. Light the fire, pour a drink, enjoy! You’ve earned it.

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