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169 – Tyler Jones & Journeys Without Maps

Horror is about finding light in darkness. And it’s never been truer than in this week’s episode. Tyler Jones re-joins us on Talking Scared to talk about his new novel, Midas. We cover its original mix of western tropes, Gothic fantasy and cult horror, but it’s family that lies at the heart of both the book and the conversation. Tyler talks us through the real life emotional rollercoaster that inspired this story.

It’s a personal conversation. Upsetting in parts, but lit through with love and life and all the good stuff. 

And if I’m sounding a little pompous and portentous here, don’t worry – we also slide seamlessly into some nerdy chat about biblical mysteries and ancient alien nonsense.

This is an important episode, for me and for Tyler. I hope you enjoy it.

p.s – here’s to Goliath the horse!


Midas  was published in October by Earthlings Publications 

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