Clay McLeod Chapman

161 – Clay McLeod Chapman & The Chesapeake Softshell Shuffle

Clay McLeod Chapman returns to Talking Scared to answer some serious questions, the first being what the holy f**k Clay?!

Clay has never been a writer to shy away from a high concept challenge (haunted mushrooms, anyone?) but his latest novel, What Kind of Mother goes into the uncharted regions of the mind and soul, dredging the craziest of horrors from the murky waters of his native Chesapeake Bay.

We talk the terrors of both adolescence and parenthood, the terrible power of imagination, why Virginia still beckons his storytelling home … and crabs. Ohhhh we’ll get to the crabs!

Clay is a great writer, a wonderful person and a good friend of the show. I hope you enjoy this episode. 

What Kind of Mother was published on September 12th by Quirk Books

Books mentioned:

  • Spin a Black Yarn (2023), by Josh Malerman
  • They Lurk (2023), by Ronald Malfi
  • Graveyard of Lost Children (2023), by Katrina Monroe
  • Delicate Condition (2023), by Danielle Valentine
  • Just Like Mother (2022), by Anne Heltzel
  • Pet Sematary (1983), by Stephen King
  • The Return (2020), by Rachel Harrison
  • Razorblade Tears (2021), by S. A. Cosby
  • Conjuring Up Philip: An Adventure in Psychokinesis (1976), by Iris M. Owen and Margaret Sparrow
  • Superstition (1997), by David Ambrose

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