157 – Josh Winning & The World Through Blood-Tinted Glasses

We’re off to La La Land this week, to talk cursed films, 90s horror nostalgia and Winona Ryder(!!) 

Our guest is Josh Winning – who has parlayed his years of writing from and about film sets into a horror novel. Burn the Negative is set in the backlots, soundstages, cutting rooms and dank motel rooms of Hollywood. It features a film with a fatal jinx and a whole lotta love for the 90s teen slasher. 

Amongst all of that, Josh and I also tick off the uncanny creepiness of child stars, the validity of fun in horror and the power of the silhouette in making a really scary horror villain. 


Burn the Negative was published on July 11th by Penguin Random House

Books mentioned:

The Shadow Glass (2022), by Josh Winning

The Final Girl Support Group (2021), by Grady Hendrix

My Heart is a Chainsaw (2021), by Stephen Graham Jones

House of Leaves (2000), by Mark Z. Danielewski

“N”– in Just After Sunset (2008), by Stephen King

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