156 – Sadie Hartmann & The Books of Our Horrid Hearts

Sorry not sorry this week. Yes I’m going to destroy your wallet and your bookshelves…but you LOVE IT!!

Our guest is Sadie Hartmann, AKA Mother Horror to the likes of us. One of the most influential horror reviewers in the world. The editor in chief of Dark Hart Books and the co-owner of the Night Worms horror subscription service. She knows a thing or two about this haunted library.

And she’s written a book to guide the unwary, or the just-plain curious. Or anyone who wants a new book to read. 101 Horror Books to Read Before You’re Murdered is Sadie’s guide to the horrid books that she loves – the ones that chill her blood, warm her heart and turn her stomach. 

We talk about her selection process, her blogging origin story, the gatekeeper problem in horror, our shared fear of certain kinds of book and the joy of scary stories featuring kids on bikes. 

Renew your library card or get ready to buy some books!

101 Horror Books to Read Before You’re Murdered was published on August 8th by Page Street Publishing

Books mentioned:

The Devil All the Time (2012), by Donald Ray Pollock

Knockemstiff (2008), by Donald Ray Pollock

Come Closer (2003), by Sara Gran

Lord of the Flies (1954), by William Golding

Boys in the Valley (2023), by Philip Fracassi

The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore (2018), by Kim Fu

Devil’s Creek (2020), by Todd Kiesling

Gather the Daughters (2017), by Jennie Melamed

The Girl Next Door (1989), by Jack Ketchum

Along the Path of Torment (2020), by Chandler Morrison

Apartment 16 (2010), by Adam Neville

Last Days (2012), by Adam Neville

The Reddening (2019), by Adam Neville

Lonesome Dove (1985), by Larry McMurtry

A House with Good Bones (2023), by T. Kingfisher

Number One Fan (2020), by Meg Ellison

House of Leaves (2000), by Mark Z. Danielewski

Let the Right One In (2004), by John Ajvide Lindqvist

Betty (2020), by Tiffany McDaniel

On the Savage Side (2023), by Tiffany McDaniel

Whalefall (2023), by Daniel Kraus

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