145 – Sarah Gailey & The Scariest Place in the House

What if the house that shaped you was a broken, haunted place?

That’s one of many questions we explore this week, in the company of Sarah Gailey. Their 2022 hit, Just Like Home is out in paperback and … hell … do we get our fingers right into its dusty, cobwebbed corners!

 We talk about serial-killing fathers and monstrous mothers, the power and pitfalls of descriptive prose. We discuss Freudian metaphors and the profound fears of childhood, offer a fresh take on the thorny question of unlikeable female protagonists, and I present my ‘possession’ theory on the crimes of Ted Bundy.

This is a lovely conversation about dark things.


Just Like Home was published in paperback on May 30th by Tor and Hodder & Stoughton

Other books mentioned:

  • River of Teeth (2017), by Sarah Gailey
  • The Echo Wife (2021), by Sarah Gailey
  • Maw (2022), by Jude Doyle
  • Monstrilio (2023), by Gerardo Sámano Córdova
  • The Sickness (2023 –), by Jenna Cha and Lonnie Nadler

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