142 – Katrina Monroe & Birthing the Ultimate Body Horror

No book has ever made me so painfully aware of my nipples as Katrina Monroe’s The Graveyard of Lost Children. And I won’t ever have to breastfeed. 

Katrina’s novel is a full-treatment of the horrors involved in motherhood. Yes there is love, but there is also social pressure, paranoia, loneliness and chafing! And that’s before we even get to the spectral Black-Haired Woman who haunts the unlucky mothers of Katrina’s second novel. Parenting horror has seen a lot of great titles in recent years, but this may be my favourite.

In this episode we talk about changeling lore, about asylums, about the motif and metaphor of wells, and the creepiest mental health condition i’ve ever heard of.

And I guarantee this is the only horror lit podcast of the week to feature the phrase “stool sample.”

The Graveyard of Lost Children was published on May 9th by Poison Pen Press

Link to The Burning of Bridget Cleary

Other books mentioned in this episode include: 

  • They Drown our Daughters (2022), by Katrina Monroe
  • If We Were Villains (2017), by M. L. Rio
  • Such a Pretty Smile (2022), by Kristi DeMeester
  • The Good People (2016), by Hannah Kent
  • Last to Leave the Room (forthcoming 2023), by Caitlin Starling

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