Rachel Moulton

138 – Rachel Eve Moulton & The Bellybutton of the Beast

Back to the Island this week! With Rachel Eve Moulton and The Insatiable Volt Sisters.

Rachel sophomore novel is the weirdest island story since Lost, or Brexit. It features a strange family with a stranger secret, curses, killer quarry ponds and the wearing of other people’s skin. And yet you probably still want to visit Fowler Island (I did). 

We talk about working with surrealism, about writing volatile sisters and gendered monsters, and about the wonderful horror-lure of island life. 

It’s worth noting, we also spend time discussing famous suicide hotspots – this seems like something you should know in advance. 

Books mentioned:

  • Tinfoil Butterfly (2019), by Rachel Eve Moulton
  • Hurricane Girl (2022), by Marcy Dermansky
  • Diary (2003), by Chuck Palahniuk
  • The House of Dies Drear (1968), by Virginia Hamilton
  • “The Raft”, in Skeleton Crew (1985), by Stephen King

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