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136 – Max Booth III & Stories With Teeth

Terrible times and awful words await us this week. Thankfully, on this show that’s a good thing!

Our guest is Max Booth III, the wizard behind Ghoulish Books and the author of bathroom-set apocalypse, We Need to Do Something. He’s here to talk about his new collection of uber-dark stories, Abnormal Statistics.

These tales are pitch black, treacle-thick pieces of clotted nastiness. Bad things happen to lots of people, most frequently children (but never dogs). Many a mind is tortured and many a tooth is sucked (!!) 

Max and I talk about how these stories reflect his own disjointed childhood. We talk about awful true crimes and why he’s addicted to information that is bad for him. We also try to pin down precisely what it is about human teeth that seem so universally unnerving… plus some references to my favourite creepypasta stories.

This is the best bad time you’ll have this week.

Books mentioned:

  • The Haunting of Camp Winter Falcon (2022), by Jonathan Raab
  • This Appearing House (2022), by Ally Malinenko
  • “The Whimper of Whipped Dogs” (1973), by Harlan Ellison

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