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128 – C.J. Tudor & Locked Rooms at the End of the World

It’s not even the end of January and we’re already dealing with the second apocalypse of the year.

This one is written by CJ Tudor, whose new novel, The Drift, moves her out of the crime chillers she is best-known for, into a whole other world of horror.

It’s a series of locked room mysteries, occurring in the hideous aftermath of global pandemic. And if you are a little sick of global pandemics (who isn’t?) then at least this one has rage zombies and lots of murder.

CJ and I talk about many things, from genre expectations, to failed novels, grief to TV adaptation – but the pandemic is a dominant theme. We talk about about some personal loss, so if that would be a trigger for you, go in pre-warned.

But mostly, it’s a lovely chat with “Britain’s answer to Stephen King.”

Books mentioned:

  • The Burning Girls (2021), by C.J. Tudor
  • The Chalk Man (2018), by C.J. Tudor
  • Sign Here (2022), by Claudia Lux

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