Philip Fracassi

120 – Philip Fracassi & A Screaming Inferno of Chaos and Emotion

Get ready to be sickened by my praise.

My guest this week is Philip Fracassi. Last year his historical horror, The Boys in the Valley got the Stephen King endorsement. He’s already following up with A Child Alone With Strangers – his second novel (or is it his first, or his third – as you’ll hear it’s complicated).

This book is an all-timer. It blends the relaxed, character driven storytelling of the best 80s horror, with a contemporary cross-genre style that keeps you shocked …  and shook. I tell you now, this book will take your heart, put it in a velvet box – and then stamp on that box until it’s mush.

We talk about a lot of things in this 70-minute conversation. Writing believable children, creating great villains, and conceiving original monsters and true otherness. We explore insectile horror, empathy overloads and setcking to your guns on word-length.

This is my last author-interview of the year and I couldn’t have hoped for a better book to discuss.


A Child Alone With Strangers was released on October 25th by Talos Press 

Other books mentioned in this episode include:

  • The Boys in the Valley (2021), by Philip Fracassi
  • Gothic (2023), by Philip Fracassi
  • The Stand (1990), by Stephen King
  • The Magus (1965/1977), by John Fowles
  • Let it Come Down (1952), by Paul Bowles
  • The Delicate Prey and Other Stories (1950), by Paul Bowles

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